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表示“因为”: for as since because in that because of ; owing to ; on account of ; as a result of 表示“结果” as a result finally at last in the end end up with as a consequence of

因此的英文短语: 一、as a consequence 读音:英 [æz ə ˈkɔnsikwəns] 美 [æz e ˈkɑnsɪˌkwɛns] 因而,结果 例句: 1、As a consequence of your laziness and rudeness, I am forced to dism...

So, there, so as to, in order to

比如 take over,kick out两个词,组在一起,成为一个新的词,本来两个不一样的意思,组在一起就成了新的意思。 词组(短语)是指由两个以上的词语组合而成的一个有意义语法单位。英语词组都是习惯用语,它相当于我们汉语的成语,不能随意搭配。...

1、owing to:由于,因为; 多亏; 造句:He was out of work owing to a physical injury 他因为受伤而失业了。 2、since:自从; 从…以来;自从…之后; 造句:Jacques Arnold has been a member of parliament since 1987 雅克·阿诺德自1987年以来...

1.therefore 因此;因而;所以 He was down with the flu, and therefore couldn't come to the party. 他患了流行性感冒,因此未能前来参加宴会。 2. for this reason ;基于这个原因 3.consequently 结果,因此,必然地 I missed the train and cons...

as for on account of 还需要可以追问

下面这些都很常见: due to owing to thanks to because of as a result of on account of 祝你开心如意!

as a result for Thistle reason 希望我的回答可以帮到你。

你好 按照态度由强到弱 demand (that) sb (should) do sth ask sb to do sth request sb to do sth beg to do 望采纳

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