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1、therefore 意为“因此,所以”,是副词,可放在句首,句中。一般是推断得到的必然结果。例如:I was ill,and therefore could not come. 2、consequently 意为“因此,所以,终于”,也是副词,放句首的话后面要加个逗号。一般表示符合逻辑得到的...

So, there, so as to, in order to

1、owing to:由于,因为; 多亏; 造句:He was out of work owing to a physical injury 他因为受伤而失业了。 2、since:自从; 从…以来;自从…之后; 造句:Jacques Arnold has been a member of parliament since 1987 雅克·阿诺德自1987年以来...

表示“因为”: for as since because in that because of ; owing to ; on account of ; as a result of 表示“结果” as a result finally at last in the end end up with as a consequence of

a bunch of, a great number of all/different kinds of with a variety of a lot of

有关“花费”(金钱和时间)的有4个句型: 1)It takes sb+ 一段时间+ to do sth (做某事花费某人一段时间)(一般不和金钱连用) 2) sb spend + 时间或金钱 + on sth/(in) doing sth (某人在某事/某物/做某事方面花费时间/金钱)(解释:这个句型...

therefore thereby thus hence accordingly so

引用: apart from, but, except, besides, in addition to. 我们结合日常生活的事例来灵活掌握这些词的用法: 1.apart from 表示排斥,意思 “除了……之外(别无), 除了……之外(尚有)” Apart from sport, my other interest outside class is music.除...

英语中,用于表示“由于……”可以后跟句子的如下: 一、with:因为;由于;作为…的结果 1、She blushed with embarrassment. 她难为情得脸红了。 2、His fingers were numb with cold. 他的手指冻麻了。 二、through:以;凭借;因为;由于 1、You c...

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