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图一 1speak slowly 2You’d better not drink too much 3It was I who was the first to come to the classroom this morning 4whether my father is reading the newspaper now 5whether you often eat junk food 图二 1shouldn’t break the ru...

would like ”意为“想要”,其语气比用 like 婉转些 a lot of 许多 kind of 种类 size of 尺寸 ,大小 what kind of food would you like 你想要吃什么食物? I would like some rice. 我想要一些米饭。

1、I'm busy enough doing my homework.我做作业已经很忙了。 2、Please take the book to the right position.请将书放在正确的位置。 3、I won't go to bed until my mom comes back.在妈妈回来之前我是不会去睡觉的。 4、It's time for class...

I fell the same as you 我与你有同样的感受 i help my motherdo the housework 我帮助妈妈做家务 he make a robot to help him do easy things他做了一个机器人帮助他做一些简单的事 i help jim with his homework我帮助吉姆做功课 she ask me 。

Teenager English sentences are 1000 words

你可以在这个网站中看到八年级下册单词表 http://www.pep.com.cn/200503/ca677040.htm Review of Unit 1-6 I. language goals (语言目标) 1. Talk about how often you do things 谈论做事情的频率。 2. Talk about your health. Make sugges...

11, It’s necessary to keep quiet in the library.


你好 1. We will have a surprise party for him. 我们将会为他举行一个惊喜派对 2. Remember to bring your homework to school. 记得把你的作业带到学校 3. I am mad at you. 我生你的气。 4. I don't love you any more. 我不再爱你了。 5. F...

1. She had a very unusual experience when she was 10. 她10岁时经历了一场不同寻常的经历。 2, Jim called the police when he saw the thief. 吉姆看到小偷时,报了警。 3, My mother walks down street to buy vegetables every morning....

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