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关于英文简写的问题:CoopErAtion AnD innovAtion H...

如果LZ想要人家一目了然的话还是不要用缩写了,因为这个缩写虽然是“创意”,但不是约定俗成大家都知道的,比如WTO之类的。 而且也不是说企业或者其他含义经常会用到的词组如“PLS,ASAP,THX"之类的~ 如果是在一片文章里面,LZ可以说cooperation an...

1.Innovation and Development Innovative Development 2.win-win cooperation 3.good timing, geographical convenience and good human relations favorable objective and subjective factors for success

Love, true to it as a cause of their own to do, is extremely high morale, are not afraid of difficulties and setbacks, for the face of the challenges, strong self-learning ability, like innovation and research, good communicati...

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