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寻高手帮忙翻译KElly ClArkson的Long Shot的中文歌词

I felt it. 我感觉到了 The wire touched my neck and 电线触到了我的脖颈 Then someone pulled it tighter久之一个人把它们拉得更紧了 I never saw it coming我从未看它向我走来 I'm certain to back out and 我一定会回来 Then someone said g...

melodies of life -百鸟英美子 Carry on till tomorrow-Bad Finger The Tower-Vienna Teng From This Moment On-Shania Twain Parachutes -Sean lennon Monsoon-东京旅馆 say it isn`t so-Gareth gates The soon to say goodbye my last serenad...

Tik Tok---ke$ha The end---groove coverage Telephone---lady gaga、beyonce till the world ends---britney spears 3---britney spears

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