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lines 指队列

give lines 给线

marlowe 用他强筋的笔力给与(使得)无韵诗有了新的气势 用的意思

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lines 英 [laɪnz] 美 [laɪnz] n.(剧本中的)台词;诗歌;线条;罚抄 名词line的复数形式.

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anxious to see if his fellow actor had at last learnt his lines此处可以被看作一个“词”,不用管它本身结构如何,它相当于一个形容词(并不是anxious引导的),修饰的是主语the gaoler。有人把它看作是主语的状语,有人看作是主语补足语。无...

In 1927,marked that films began to talk.And" the revolutionary significance of sound films was first embodied in the artistical use of voices."1) The annotation of lines was no longer carried out through subtitles and flourishs...

"Weird Al" Yankovic released a parody of the song entitled "Word Crimes" from his album Mandatory Fun.

顺手采纳答案 children sit in lines.in the。。。的意思是 孩子们在。。。的里面坐成一排

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