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RAtED PowEr 400W是指额定功率吗?

词典结果: rated power 额定动力; 额定功率; 不失真功率; 设计功率; 例句: 1. The contents of study has important significance on enhancing the accuracy ofsystem, lowering the rated power and raising electro-magnetic compatibility ...

你确定ebay已经给你top-rated seller了么。 这个是每月更新的埃 去account-Seller dashboard看看你是不是。 应该可以看到Your performance standards on the last evaluation are Top-rated Status: On track for 07/20/11 才是。 没有的话就是...

rated power output [词典] 额定动力输出,额定功率; [网络] 额定功率; 输出功率; [例句]For rated power output of inverter, the efficiency is larger than 90%, and its maxim is 92. 9%. 三相并网逆变器额定输出功率时,效率大于90%,最大...

rated maximum power 最大额定功率 According to wind speed variation, under rated wind speed, wind power system was controlled by maximum power point tracking ( MPPT) scheme, wind power system maximum output power was realized; ...



∵1 Pa = 1 N/m^2 (压强定义) 1 N = 1 kg·m/s^2 (牛顿第二定律) ∴1Pa*s = 1 N/m^2 * s = 1 kg*m/s^2/m^2 * s = 1 kg/(m*s) Rated power rate的单位,代表的意思是【 额定功率】

这两个词用于额定的区别 rating:一般表示特定的极限概念如容量、范围、运转能量等(A specified performance limit, as of capacity, range, or operational capability) power rating额定功率、voltage rating额定电压、power rating of elec...



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