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go to bed late 很晚睡觉 双语对照 例句: 1. Last night, he went to bed very late. 昨晚,他很晚才睡觉。 2. Lt's late, you should come to bed. 这么晚你还不睡?

I don't approve children of going to bed late. 我不赞成小孩太晚睡觉。 本题考查approve sb of something/doing something

he doesn,t ever go to bed late Does he ever go to bed late?

go to bed late cross girl or boy 上床睡觉的小女孩或男孩

I went to bed late last night

she goes to bed late at night 她晚上睡觉很晚

你好! l played computer games l went to bed late 我玩电脑游戏我很迟才睡觉

Who sometimes go to bed late? 请采纳

do you go to bed late

cWinners do what losers don't want to do.

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