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I don't approve children of going to bed late. 我不赞成小孩太晚睡觉。 本题考查approve sb of something/doing something

go to bed late 很晚睡觉 双语对照 例句: 1. Last night, he went to bed very late. 昨晚,他很晚才睡觉。 2. Lt's late, you should come to bed. 这么晚你还不睡?

go to bed late cross girl or boy 上床睡觉的小女孩或男孩


do you go to bed late

因为在every yesterday tomorrow next last this that等这些词所修饰的表示时间的名词前不用任何介词。所以这个选b


t o ob1dlan go to bed late T O ob1dlan晚睡觉 t o ob1dlan go to bed late T O ob1dlan晚睡觉

同义句: You should go to bed early. You shouldn't go to sleep late. 1.shouldnt...late 不能晚可以说成早即early 2.go to bed=go to sleep

疑问句看不清楚成分的时候,你可以把它转换成陈述句: you have been going to bed late these days. 主语:you 谓语(不及物动词):have been going 状语1:to bed 状语2:late 状语3:these days 这个句子是现在完成进行时,句子本身没错。 现...

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