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CAst DouBt on是什么意思

cast doubt on 怀疑 cast doubt on 怀疑

名词 cast doubt on 质疑 本意是把怀疑扔在……上 cast 是动词,doubt是名词,on是介词

cast 有 “使 ...投向”,属于及物的使役动词,cast doubt on ... 就是指 “把怀疑投向某人”,也就是 “对某人产生怀疑”。

cast doubt on 使人对…产生怀疑; She cast doubt on this news. 她对这消息有所怀疑。 我认为这两句翻译都对,关键是【对】如何理解,更何况【他最近的话】是不能对人产生怀疑的

可以呀!be casted doubt on 被怀疑的意思!

have no doubt to do……

I alwaays hesitate if my energy is in exhaustion. In my mind, I feel that my energy has been vanished only because it is invisible. I am not sure whether it can turn awag later. I try my best to cast about geeting it back. I ke...

这样说: I am good at casting doubt on things. 我善于对事情提出质疑

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