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信用贷款的最高限额 信贷额度(Lines of credit),这种循环帐户的本质就是连续的。这些形式的帐户一般以应收帐款和存货作为抵押。

along the lines of 沿着线 双语对照 例句: 1. Finally, europe needs a framework for debt reduction along the lines of the brady plan. 最后,在沿着布雷迪计划的方向迈进时,欧洲需要一个债务削减框架。 --------------------------------...


on the lines of [口语];按照…的方法,根据…的原则

number of lines .行数 线数;歌词行数;收线头数 例句筛选 1. Number of lines of the current screen. 当前屏幕的行数。 2. Each individual file will have the total number of lines displayed. 每个单独的文件显示全部行数。 3. The numbe...

more along the lines of 更多沿着线 more along the lines of 更多沿着线


lines of responsibility and authority 责任和权限

head 的命令中 行数入参错了。 head -n 100 file# orhead -100 file

Tell a story and tell it well, and you may open wide the eyes of a child, open up lines of communication in a business, or even open people's mind to another culture or race.我刚刚查了一下,发现你这句话是从这里出来的。那这里的b...

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