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这是Carlos Go to School中的句子,顺序是:I get my backpack;I get my pencils; I get my ruler; I get my erasers; I get my crayons; I get my sweater; I get my sister ; I get my lunch;I get my hug; I get my ride. 所以应该大意是:C...

my backpack 是单数, be 动词用is Where’s my backpack? 我的背包在哪儿 ?

l get my backpack 我得到了我的背包。 l get my backpack 我得到了我的背包。 l get my backpack 我得到了我的背包。 l get my backpack 我得到了我的背包。

I have a backpack. My father give me it in my birthday.backpack is rectangular, blue color, because I like the blue color, there is a Mickey Mouse school bags above, the sides have two small bags, can be used with cups ,The ma...

my backpack is under the table

D should have done表示“本应该做某 事却没做”,即你本应该看好自己的 背包的。keep an eye on意为“留 心,注意”。A、B均表示本来能够做 而没做的。C是表示跟过去事实相 反。

.小题1:这是你的双肩背包吗?小题2:Is your backpack green?小题3:He is an English boy.小题4:.Miller 小题5:It’s white. 小题1:本题是一般疑问句可以翻译成这是你的双肩背包吗?小题2:含有be动词的句子改为一般疑问句将be提到句首,故本题的...

This is my room. It’s a nice room. There is a window in the wall, and a bed next to the window. My desk is between my bookcase and my bed. There are a lot of books in the bookcase. A lamp is on the desk. There are some pictures...

Excuse me! Is this your backpack? No,my backpack is here. is this jim's backpack? No,his/her backpack is blue.

I carry my backpack to go camping.

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