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rECommEnD to Do 与rECommEnD Doing有什么区别?

recommend doing recommend sb. to do

to do

都有.. recommend that sb (should) do sth. recommend sb to do sth sb is/was recommended to do sth advise sb (should) do sth. advise sb to do sth. 像advice这类词只有表示建议的时候才要用do sth.而不能用to do,但当它不表示建议的时候...


及物动词 vt. 1.推荐, 介绍, 赞许某人[某事物] Can you recommend a classmate who can take up the job? 你能不能推荐一位能承担这项工作的同学? Can you recommend me a good book? 你能给我介绍一本好书吗? I can recommend this play to all...

advise. allow. permit. forbid

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