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tAkE out thE trAsh怎样读

take out the trash [teik aut] ðiː; [træʃ] 把垃圾扔出去 Could you take out the trash? 你能把垃圾扔出去吗?

take out the trash 倒垃圾;把垃圾拿出去;扔垃圾 例句 1.take out the trash (bag) ? 把垃圾(袋)带出去 2.Could you take out the trash? 你能否把垃圾带出去? 3.Every evening after dinner, I would volunteer to take out the trash. 每...

歌曲名:Take Out The Trash 歌手:They Might Be Giants 专辑:The Else Take Out The Trash Girl! Why not take out the trash? And once you get him out, tell him not to come back again. Girl! Put that cat in the bin! After what he said...

she does't (often or always)take out the trash

I will take out the trash Ina minute

Must I take out the trash ? ~~英语语法一百年没碰过了,不确定的哈

Shall we take

yes, I could take.

省略了主语(You),谓语是take out宾语是the trash.后面是when引导的时间状语从句

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