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This old woman is my mother.

Who is this old woman


didn't need to do sth 不必做某事

不是倒装句,they never did find out中的did 是加强语气,表示“的的确确”,how this old woman caught the thief是宾语从句。

A 两个动作同时发生 而B的动作要先发生

Date: October 16, 2009 This is to certify that Wang Hua, a 21-year-old woman, presented to our hospital with gastrointestinal discomfort on ...

1. D, kind of 有一点,有几分, 2. C,in是介词,后跟ing形式

可能是: l saw an old woman (passing)by the road on my way to school this morning. 今天早上上学路上我看见一个老奶奶正在过马路。

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