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watch TV主语是复数形式时候用. watches TV主语是第三人称单数的时候用. 请采纳


I watch TV and do my homework (on saturdays) When do you watch TV and do my homework ? I (watch TV and do my homework)on saturdays. What do you do on saturdays? (I )watch TV and do my homework on saturdays. Who watch TV and do ...

看电视 our school library是指“我们学校的图书馆”

i am not watching tv的中文翻译 i am not watching tv 我不看电视 双语例句 1 I am not watching TV now. 我现在在没有正在看电视。 2 Her husband ( I am sorry to report it, and I fully realize this is not at all representational of ev...

l'm wat ch ing TV 我看着电视 l'm wat ch ing TV 我看着电视

是一个疑问句,意思是:我们看电视可以么? Shall在这里表示语气比较委婉。相对比而言,换成Can就更直接一些。 具体解释: shall 1)表征询意见,用于第一、第三人称疑问句。 Shall I get you some tea? 我给你点茶好吗? Shall the boy wait ou...

I watch TV at home. 我在家看电视。

1. Do you watch TV in the evening? 2. He doesn't have a ruler./ He hasn't ruler. 3. Let's play basketball. 4. -Does his brother play ping-pong every day? -Yes, he does. 5. Where does Jack watch TV? What does Jack do in the room...

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